"The United States Department of Defense directive #3000.3, states that 'A non lethal weapon is one that is explicitly designed, and primarily employed, to incapacitate people or materiel while minimizing fatalities or permanent injury and undesired damage to property and the environment"

SG68 Anti Riot Projectile is classified as non-lethal weapon. It is powered by Co2. It shoots paintball, OC pellet or Rubber pellet. When fired, our SG68 Projectile has a much softer whirring sound, without any strong recoil, concussive noise, or smell of burnt propellant as those produced by real firearms. Its velocity, distance range and muzzle are set to match international standard. Therefore, SG68 is usually safe when unmodified. It is unlikely to kill or to cause serious injuries to a living target. When a living target was hit, it only causes pain but no bleed.


Caliber / Projectile: 0.68 inch

Magazine Capacity: 8 to 12 rounds

Energy Source: CO2 / Nitrogen / High Pressure Air Cylinder

Capacity: 30g / 45g / 60g / 88g disposable

Shot Quantity: 100 – 120 times per 45g CO2 Muzzle

Velocity: 390 ± 10% ft/sec

Energy (joule): 25J

Maximum Range: 330ft

Effective Range: 160ft

Safety Catch Level: Safe on/off

Component Material: Plastic, Copper, Steel, Aluminum

Alloy Length: 29.1 inch (14” barrel), 31.1 inch (16” barrel), 33.1 inch (18” barrel)

Weight : 6.8 lbs

Use of SG68 with P.Round in slow motion (0:45s)